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Top Tips for Picking the Right Venue for Private Hire in Kent

Are you looking for a venue to private hire in Kent to host a party but don’t know where to start? Don’t panic. We bring experts’ tips to help you find a fantastic venue for your private Kentish party.

Whether it’s a small birthday party with close friends or a big corporate event, there are plenty of things to take care of. It further becomes a challenge when you want to give it a touch of your style.

However, you can make finding a venue to private hire in Kent a lot easier. How?

A private hire venue provides you with a space where you can host your closed event with the utmost privacy. Apart from that, you get a wide range of services to make your event a hit.

Kent is a popular tourist destination, thanks to its natural and man-made attractions. Apart from visiting its famous places, people from the different parts of the country flock to the county to make their events special. This is

why there are so many options when you are looking for a venue to private hire in Kent.

But finding and booking a private hire venue that matches your event style and suits your requirement isn’t easy. Here are some useful tips from experts to help you locate a private hire for your event:

Look for a Private Hire Venue that Suits Your Event

Is it a birthday party or an event where your friends and family will be present? Or, is it a corporate event? 

It is essential to look for a venue that is capable of suiting your requirements. For example, if it’s an office event or a conference for which you require private hire in Kent, then the venue must be sophisticated and highly private.

On the other hand, in case you’re looking for a venue to private hire for a fun event like a birthday party or a wedding anniversary, then the venue must be lively and colourful.

When searching for a venue to private hire in Kent, consider your event type to learn what kind of venue will be ideal for your event.


Although it’s an event where only a handful of individuals will be available, it is essential to consider the size of a private hire venue. For example, there are venues that can accommodate only a few people. On the other hand, some venues are too large.

However, when considering a venue, your guest number isn’t the only thing to consider. For example, if you are planning some activities too, then it is

necessary to ensure that the venue is a spacious place where you can effectively conduct activities. Similarly, booking a big venue for only a handful of people may make it difficult to bring all people together for the event.

The best way is to consider your event, guest number, and activities you plan for the event.


Remember, hosting an event isn’t just about the space. It doesn’t matter how luxurious a venue is, if guests aren’t engaged or aren’t offered services like food, then it may break your event.

When searching for a venue to private hire in Kent, find out what additional services come with the venue. In this case, you must be allowed to choose and hire the services that you require for your event. It will allow you to host a fabulous event that suits your style and matches your requirements.

In the End

If you want to save yourself from doing the time-consuming work of finding the right private hire for your event, come to Blazing Donkey. We aree the best venue to help you host a great event.   

Useful Tips from Experts to Make Your Golf Break in Kent Affordable

Are you planning a golf break in Kent? If yes, we’ve brought some useful tips to help you to make your trip stress-free and affordable.

Golf is, undoubtedly, a fun game. But, it is expensive too – even for the player. From the joining fee at a golf club to purchasing equipment, there are plenty of things that can increase the overall cost of a game.

Now, if you are thinking of a game of golf in Kent, you need to set a good budget for your trip. Apart from playing the game, there will be additional expenses, such as golf stays in Kent. And, in case you are travelling with your family or friends, there will be loads of other expenses.

However, the high cost of the golf trip to Kent doesn’t mean you should cancel your golf break to Kent. With some tips from experts, you can make it affordable.

Let’s explore them:

Avoid Peak Tee-times

Talk to experienced golfers about the peak tee time, and most of them will say, “9 AM to 11 AM”. Why?

According to them, playing golf during morning hours gives them time to plan the day accordingly. For example, an individual who is Kent and plays golf in the peak tee-time will have the rest of the day to explore the region and experience more of it.

It means there are fewer people on the golf course after 11 AM. Now, the question is: How does avoiding the peak tee-time help save you money?

Well, clubs usually offer lucrative deals for people who choose a time other than the 9 AM to 11 AM window. You can grab the offer to save your money for other things.

Choose Flexible Travel Dates

In addition to peak tea-times, there are peak seasons that allow more people to Kent for a game of golf than other months. For example, spending time on the golf course is easier when the sun is shining. It is great weather to enjoy the game while keeping your health in check.

Plan your golf break to Kent during ‘out of season’ days. It will help you save your money.

Choose One Place for Golf and Accommodation

Imagine, you find a good golf course in Kent. After that, you book your hotel several miles from the golf course. Imagine how long you have to travel just to travel to and from your hotel room.

There are some amazing hotels in Kent that offer beautiful golf courses and luxurious golf stays in Kent. It will not help you save your money but also save your time, which you would have spent travelling to and from a golf course.

In addition, the best hotel will have fascinating deals to make your stay affordable and a game of golf fun for you.

Book Your Golf Stays in Advance

Being organised is essential, especially when you are travelling. From hotels to golf clubs, many places related to your trip will have exciting offers and discounts for those who book several weeks in advance.

In addition to helping save your money, advance bookings will help you secure your accommodation at a place that has a beautiful golf course and lots of other services – including food and drink.

In the End – Research Your Destination

You can make your golf break to Kent cost-effective and memorable by using these tips while planning your next trip. Ensure that you do your research to find a great place that has both accommodation and a stunning golf course to save time and money for you.

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