The Beautiful Wedding Places in Kent for Every Season

The Beautiful Wedding Places in Kent for Every Season

The Beautiful Wedding Places in Kent for Every Season

Kent has a lot to offer to individuals who love the outdoors. From outstanding hiking trails to beautiful sandy beaches, where you can enjoy mother nature in the peaceful countryside environment.

Kent is also known for its amazing wedding party venues. These venues can be used as a reception, to host all the wedding guests, where you can dance and celebrate this amazing moment.

Your venue options can be used for the ceremony itself. Asking yourself why you would use Kent is an easy question to answer.

The tall standing majestic trees or the soft and delicate flower beds
Creating a memorable wedding day by choosing a venue in Kent, will be the single best decision you will make. The big trees provide a habitat for various bird species, all of which can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for you and your guests.

Varieties of trees, from the fascinating Scots Pine family, that stand tall and majestic, with their orange bark to the soft and delicate common laburnum, create that out of town quiet environment, where every guest can relax and enjoy the ceremony or reception.

Wild roses can also add beauty to your wedding. The Dog rose, a delicate white and pink flower that grows around Kent, will add a much-needed softness that can tantalise the senses of your guests with its fresh and aromatic aromas.
The Sandy beaches or the Ocean View
The ocean can create an amazing feeling to your wedding. By choosing venues that are located close to or next to the ocean, you and your guests can enjoy that crisp, ocean breeze in the summer. The soft English sun and the majestic ocean can add that calmness to your wedding.

Most wedding party venues have access to a private beach, which you and your guests can enjoy privately. The exclusive location offers guests a once in a lifetime experience, breaking away from the stark, traditional English wedding.

Balcony venues are also available, where couples can celebrate their big day with the ocean as the backdrop. Not located on the beach, but still with that magical and mesmerising ocean view.
A Venue with History
Complete your ceremony or after-party, in a room that speaks of English history. The landmark buildings and historic castles scattered around Kent, provide a more sophisticated experience, beaconing on the richness of the past.

All these historical locations are great for wedding venues. The big halls and historical aesthetics, add that majestic presence to your wedding, which will leave you and all your guests mesmerised
Summer Holidays or Winter Snow
Summer days in Kent are wonderful. The ceremony and reception can be fully enjoyed in the English summer sun. The late evening sunsets, for which Kent is known for, can be used to take your wedding photos in that all-important golden hour that every photographer dreams of.

If you don’t want to enjoy the summer sun for your special day, then winter weddings are also a great choice in Kent. With the potential of snow, the wedding can have that all-white feel, that most people dream of. Most beautiful wedding places in Kent can accommodate outside weddings, for both warm summer days or cold, snowy, winter weddings.

The beautiful wedding venues in Kent are all great options for your big day. This goes to prove, that you do not need to travel excessively or go abroad to enjoy that beautiful wedding that you desire. Kent has all the venues you need.

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