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Life takes you down many paths, but the best ones lead to the beach!

Beaches in Broadstairs


Botany Bay

Botany Bay stands as one of the most captivating bays, renowned for its picturesque charm. Nestled away, this hidden treasure reveals awe-inspiring vistas of pristine white cliffs and magnificent chalk stacks. When the tide recedes, Botany Bay transforms into an explorer’s haven, with an opportunity to venture among the intriguing rock formations and breathtaking cliffs.


Dumpton Gap

Nestled in tranquility, Dumpton Gap welcomes you with its tranquil sandy shores, accompanied by a delightful promenade and a convenient kiosk. Offering one of the most splendid low-tide pathways to Ramsgate, it’s essential to consult tide times before embarking on your journey, as certain sections of the beach become inaccessible when the tide surges, leaving you with no escape route.


Joss Bay

Joss Bay is a veritable haven for surf enthusiasts, renowned as Thanet’s premier surfing destination, complete with a dedicated surf school. Stretching over 200 meters in length and ensconced by lush fields and a sprawling golf course, it provides a generous expanse of sandy shoreline and carefree recreational opportunities. During high tide, both flanks of the beach become temporarily secluded.


Kingsgate Bay Beach

Kingsgate Bay Beach boasts some of the most remarkable sea caves in the Thanet region, with a width spanning approximately 150 meters. Accessible via a set of steep steps, this sandy cove exudes serenity and seclusion. While sand is revealed during high tide, it’s worth noting that the sea encloses both ends of the beach periodically.


Louisa Bay

Louisa Bay graces visitors with a quaint, albeit charming, sandy beach, a short stroll away from Viking Bay. This beach is perfect for rock-pooling adventures and features a cozy café along the promenade, ideal for a relaxing break.


Stone Bay

Stone Bay offers a serene and enchanting ambiance, particularly popular among families and renowned for its excellent rock-pooling opportunities. The promenade effortlessly guides you toward the town of Broadstairs and connects you with the main beach at Viking Bay.


Viking Bay

Viking Bay stands as the crown jewel of Broadstairs, boasting a magnificent horseshoe-shaped layout. Once the preferred holiday destination of the literary icon Charles Dickens, this long stretch of sandy shoreline, combined with a cliff-top promenade and a charming boardwalk, immortalizes the bay’s timeless beauty. With its surf school and captivating rock pools, Viking Bay ensures there’s an abundance of activities to indulge in at this splendid beach.

Beaches in Margate


Margate Main Sands

This timeless beach offers classic seaside enjoyment for families, complete with children’s rides and amusement arcades. Even when the tide is high, there’s ample beach space for building sandcastles. You’ll find a variety of restaurants, bars, and seafood stalls within a short stroll, either in the charming Old Town or along the beachfront.


Minnis Bay

Stretching along the coastline, Minnis Bay boasts a lengthy expanse of sandy shores, accompanied by convenient free parking and a nearby outdoor play area for children. For the adventurous, there’s plenty of room for water sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding, with a sailing club nearby.


Saint Mildred's Bay

Nestled on the Westgate-on-Sea coast, Saint Mildred’s Bay is a picturesque sandy cove bordered by cliffs and a delightful promenade, including a tidal pool. While there may be only a small section of beach during high tide, it becomes completely submerged during spring tides. Discover the historical significance of this bay, once a Royal Naval Air Station seaplane base.


Walpole Bay

Walpole Bay in Margate is an ideal destination for exploring captivating rock formations and tidal pools. This extensive bay offers a sandy beach, a scenic promenade, and a tidal pool, with a limited beach area available during high tide. Should you be caught by the rising tide, there are plenty of on-land activities such as mini golf, tennis, and indoor bowls nearby, along with a cozy cafe.


West Bay

West Bay is a completely tidal bay that beckons visitors to indulge in sandcastle building and rock pool exploration. Perfect for both children and adults, this bay features a pub and a cafe/restaurant on the promenade for your convenience.


Westbrook Bay

Designated as a water ski area, Westbrook Bay is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. This family-friendly beach offers a sandy bay, with a small stretch of exposed sand even during high tide. Along the promenade, you’ll find an adventure golf course called “Strokes” for added entertainment.

Beaches in Ramsgate


Pegwell Bay

Pegwell Bay is a captivating destination for exploration, featuring extensive sea cliffs and boasting significant geological significance. This bay holds the status of an internationally important nature reserve due to its unique population of seashore birds and wildlife, exclusive to East Kent.


Ramsgate Main Sands

Nestled next to the renowned Royal Harbour and Marina, Ramsgate Main Sands offers an inviting, long stretch of sandy beach. With amusements for children, lively arcades, and restaurants offering al fresco dining, this beach caters to a diverse range of visitors and exudes a delightful continental atmosphere.


Western Undercliff Beach

Adjacent to Ramsgate Port and the town itself, Western Undercliff Beach in Ramsgate presents a sandy shoreline complete with a small tidal paddling pool, all set against a backdrop of towering chalk cliffs. The lower section of the beach features rocky terrain and a chalk reef that extends towards Pegwell Bay.