The Blazing Donkey Hotel- Best Wedding Venues Kent

The Blazing Donkey Hotel- Best Wedding Venues Kent

The Blazing Donkey Hotel- Best Wedding Venues Kent

If you’re planning a wedding and need to determine which venue you want to host the celebration, this blog will discuss the best Wedding Venue Kent.

The wedding planning process can be a taxing experience for the most part. With so many factors to consider to ensure your wedding is perfect, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. However, being confident that you chose the right venue can do wonders.

The Blazing Donkey Hotel is one of the Best Wedding Venues Kent. Giving you variety regarding which venue you want your wedding to happen, you’re not tied down to only one option.

Choosing a wedding venue with variety and versatility is the best route to take, and luckily The Blazing Donkey gives you that. If you want to learn more about this bespoke Kent wedding venue, keep reading!

The Blazing Donkey Has Several Wedding Venue Options

As aforementioned, The Blazing Donkey offers you a variety of wedding spaces. Each gives you a different aesthetic and atmosphere, and you’re given room to determine which wedding space suits what you’re looking for best.

The Grand Pavillion Marquee

The Grand Pavillion Marquee is The Blazing Donkey’s main wedding space, and there are a handful of amenities that the marquee offers. This wedding space is ready to use with everything already set up for you to enjoy. The reception can seat 30 to 240 people and the evening festivities can stand 80 to 300 guests, making this venue perfect for medium to large weddings.

With a bar, dance floor, wedding decorations, lighting, etc., you can be confident that this space is set for a beautiful wedding. In case there are some adjustments you’d like to make to the venue, the wedding team prioritises flexibility and making sure your wedding is everything you want!

Barn Ceremonies

If you’ve decided to opt for a more traditional wedding, you’ll be happy to know that The Blazing Donkey boasts an 18th-century barn that is perfect for winter weddings. With a warm and cozy atmosphere, the barn has an intimate and romantic vibe, and you can choose to have the barn decorated in a variety of ways to ensure your vision is brought to life.

Garden Ceremonies

Should you be wanting an airy and light wedding, the outdoor wedding space is perfect for that. Nestled in lush greenery and picturesque views, the garden space is the most viable option if you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding.

The garden space tends to be the most popular choice for summer weddings, as the space is vibrant and perfect for festivities on a hot day.

The Blazing Donkey Has Several Accommodation Types

If you don’t want to have to travel to a different venue for accommodation after your wedding, The Blazing Donkey has a variety of accommodation types you can take advantage of! The room types at this Kent hotel are as follows:

With free wifi and complimentary fibre broadband, the accommodation at The Blazing Donkey is tailored for your comfort and convenience.

Final Thoughts

Deciding which wedding venue to choose is often pretty stressful. However, you can be confident that The Blazing Donkey will pull out all the stops to ensure your wedding is exactly how you want it!