The Blazing Donkey Hotel Sandwich- The Drag Ball UK

The Blazing Donkey Hotel Sandwich- The Drag Ball UK

The Blazing Donkey Hotel Sandwich- The Drag Ball UK

With freedom of expression being more encouraged today, drag culture is happily on the rise. This blog will discuss the best place to go to a Drag ball UK.

For some, going to a drag ball might be something on a bucket list or something someone would want to experience at least once in their lives. For others, it’s a lifestyle and way to express their individuality. Regardless, where is the best place to attend a drag ball?

The Blazing Donkey Hotel Sandwich is the best venue to attend a Drag ball UK. With a vibrant and upbeat atmosphere, you’re certain to have a great time whether you’re there to enjoy the vibe or learn more about the culture.

Drag balls are a place of artistic and individualistic expression, and it’s a great place to relish in the energy whether you’re solo or with mates. Keep reading to learn more about The Blazing Donkey drag ball!

Blazing Heels Drag Ball

Partnered with Squire & Cooper Productions (S&CP), The Blazing Donkey will be hosting the Blazing Heels Drag ball UK. Taking place on Saturday the 19th of November, you can be confident that this drag ball will give you a night to remember forever! 

Featuring international drag stars like Ceri Dupree, Dolly Diamond, and Fonda Cox, what better place to attend a drag ball than at Kent’s favourite drag venue?

The Blazing Donkey Has a Variety of Accommodation Options

If you’d rather not drive home after attending the Blazing Heels Drag ball UK, it may be best to book an overnight stay at the same venue! Since The Blazing Donkey is a countryside hotel accommodation, it makes it easy for you to spend the night.

The Main House

The Main House is comprised of a variety of rooms with different aesthetics and facilities that suit different needs. The Main House rooms are as follows:

The Stable Rooms
The Stable Rooms offer you a vast array of room options, all boasting a home-like aesthetic while remaining luxurious, there are plenty of benefits. The Stable Rooms are as follows:

Final Thoughts

Attending a drag ball is an experience of a lifetime, and what better place to attend one than at The Blazing Donkey? With a vibrant atmosphere and available accommodation for when the night is over, you won’t regret attending Blazing Heels!