A Guide to the Best Broadstairs Hotel and What It Offers

A Guide to the Best Broadstairs Hotel and What It Offers

A Guide to the Best Broadstairs Hotel and What It Offers

If you’re in the Kent area and looking to have a weekend stay at a charming countryside hotel, this blog will discuss the best broadstairs hotel.

A hotel holiday may be one of the best ways to escape daily life’s chaos. Kent is home to one of the most rustic and home-like hotels that still maintains luxury and modernity. But what is the best margate hotel?

Blazing Donkey is the best margate hotel. With a variety of rooms with different aesthetics and broad options of things to do at the Blazing Donkey, you’re not limited with your options.

Although finding a great broadstairs hotel that you love can take time and effort, you don’t have to look any further. Keep reading to learn more about the Blazing Donkey and what this hotel has to offer!

The Blazing Donkey Offers Bespoke Facilities

Not every room at the Blazing Donkey is the same, giving you the freedom to choose their various options. With different rooms that accommodate different needs, you can be certain that you’ll find a room best suited to you.

Main House Rooms

The Main House consists of three bedrooms of different sizes and details. Every room boasts a stunning view of the Blazing Donkey’s grounds, and you can be confident that their amenities will ensure you’re comfortable and feel at home.

The Junior Suite

The Junior Suite consists of a flat-screen TV and a picturesque view of the Blazing Donkey’s manicured gardens. This room has a king-sized bed, making it the perfect option if you’re on a romantic retreat for two. With a bathroom, tea and coffee maker, and an iron with an ironing board, you’ll have all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay at the Blazing Donkey’s Junior Suite.

The Superior Four Poster Bridal Suite

The Superior Four Poster Bridal Suite is the biggest room in the Main House. Boasting a 40-square-metre space, the Four Poster Bridal Suite has a super king-sized bed with large windows that overlook the great outdoors.

Not only is the bedroom big, but the bathroom is also incredibly spacious with a TV of its own. The Bridal Suite is carpeted and has its own private entrance via stairs or a hallway. This suite consists of a dresser, wardrobe, desk, and ironing equipment, so you can be confident that you’ll have everything you need for a holiday that makes you feel at home.

Standard Double with Shower En-Suite Features

The third and final room in the main house is a first-floor room with a double bed and en-suite bathroom. If you want a room that is rustic but still modern and luxurious, the standard double is the perfect option.

With a flat-screen TV, tea and coffee makers, internet, and a picturesque view, this room is cozy and consists of everything needed for a comfortable hotel weekend away.

The Stable Rooms

The Stable Rooms have a more home-like atmosphere and aesthetic and are perfect for family getaways. The Stable suites are ground floor, so they’re easily accessible and a short walk away from the parking area.

The stable rooms consist of the following suites:

Final Thoughts

Going to a bespoke margate hotel is the ultimate way to spend a great holiday solo or with loved ones. If you’re looking to have a memorable getaway, look no further than the Blazing Donkey!