A Guide to Some of the Best Country House Hotels in Kent

A Guide to Some of the Best Country House Hotels in Kent

A Guide to Some of the Best Country House Hotels in Kent

If you’re in Kent and looking to have a retreat at a pristine countryside hotel, this guide will discuss some of the best country house hotels kent. A getaway is one of the best ways to escape the chaotic nature of day-to-day life. There are several luxury accommodations in Kent that are certain to take your breath away, but there are a select few that are the epitome of countryside charm.

Here are some of the best country house hotels in Kent:

As luxury stays become increasingly popular, there are numerous options available at your fingertips. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best country house hotels in Kent!

The Six Best Country House Hotels in Kent

A countryside retreat is a foolproof way to catch a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Breathing fresh air and waking up to birdsong followed by a hearty breakfast is something you could get used to!

1. The Blazing Donkey

If you want to stay in an accommodation that is luxurious but still rustic and earthy, Blazing Donkey will not disappoint you. Whether you’re looking to get away with friends or family or go on a romantic retreat with a loved one, Blazing Donkey accommodates that. Not only is Blazing Donkey nestled in a breathtaking landscape you can’t get enough of, but this bespoke country house hotel also has a manicured golf course that is sure to test even the most seasoned golfers! For a luxurious but homely-feeling holiday, book a stay at Blazing Donkey, and feel free to bring your dog along.

2. Romney Bay House Hotel

Romney Bay House Hotel is an intimate accommodation that boasts an ocean view. With 10 seaside-inspired rooms, you have plenty of options to choose where you want to kick back and relax. With luxury facilities you can take advantage of, this seaside hotel gives you bang for your buck (and free wifi). Romney Bay’s staff is committed to ensuring your stay is nothing short of comfortable, and you can expect top-tier cuisine prepared with only the freshest of produce. Since this accommodation is located on the seaside, the cuisine made with seafood is certain to knock you right off your seat.

3. Canterbury Cathedral Lodge

Canterbury Cathedral Lodge is an all-rounded hotel that caters to getaways, meetings, and celebratory events like weddings. If you’re a sucker for views, most of this luxury hotel’s 34 bedrooms have a view of the Canterbury Cathedral with en-suite bathrooms for your convenience. This country house hotel’s aesthetic and atmosphere is modern and luxurious, but also contemporary and rustic nestled in an unforgettable location. If you want to spend a weekend at a hotel that’ll make you feel like a king or queen in their castle, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge is where you want to be!

4. Eastwell Manor

Eastwell Manor is the ideal hotel retreat if you want to go to an accommodation that is in the countryside, but not too farm-like. A perfect balance between luxury and country living, Eastwell Manor has an award-winning restaurant and a spa that’ll tempt you to extend your stay. With a handful of activities and classes, a health spa, and an opportunity for you to indulge in afternoon tea, Eastwell Manor has everything you need and more for a luxurious holiday that makes you forget all about your worries.

5. Port Lympne

If you’re an animal lover of every kind, Port Lympne is right up your animal-loving alley! Port Lympne has several lodges you can choose to stay at, all of which are inspired by various wild animals. From a treehouse hotel to a giraffe cottage and forest hideaway, Port Lympne ensures that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. This wildlife park is certain to give you the safari experience of a lifetime, as their staff’s mission is to guarantee your comfort and a memorable stay.

6. Chilston Park Hotel

Chilston Park is one of those country house hotels that continue to leave a mark on their guests! Not only is Chilston Park a 4-star hotel, but it’s also been home to a handful of highly regarded families whose portraits you can find in the manor. With a rich history, Chilston Park has 53 bedrooms, each with its own name and story. The bedrooms offer picturesque views of the manicured land and lakes, and you’re more than welcome to tag your dogs along. If you’re a history fanatic and want to experience the life of those who lived in Chilston Park previously, don’t hesitate to book a stay.

Final Thoughts

Finding a country house hotel that ticks all the boxes can often be challenging, as you need to experience the accommodation before you can decide if it’s for you. Although hotel-hunting can be tricky, these luxury country house accommodations are nothing but pristine.