What to Consider when Deciding on a Kent Wedding Venue

What to Consider when Deciding on a Kent Wedding Venue

What to Consider when Deciding on a Kent Wedding Venue

The big day is stressful for everyone. Ensuring that this magical day goes according to plan and leaves everyone speechless, can be challenging. Here are some considerations when deciding on a local wedding venue in Kent.

The type of theme you want for your wedding A civil ceremony or traditional wedding

When choosing a wedding venue in Kent, it is crucial to firstly decide what type of wedding you want. Are you looking at a civil ceremony, which is a non-religious, legal ceremony or are you looking for a traditional wedding, that follows a religious or cultural tradition? Taking this into consideration, the bridal party can make the decision, which will enhance the theme and create the ambience they want at the wedding venue.

The beautiful and diverse local wedding venues in Kent

Once you have decided on a theme and what type of wedding you want, there are many different venues to choose from. All have a diverse look and feel to them.

The Historical Venue

There are multiple historical wedding venues to choose from. These venues have beautiful and well-groomed gardens, with amazing landscapes that can create that picture-perfect view for all your guests. Historical venues in Kent add culture with their big halls and historical heritage.

The history of some historical venues can be traced back as far as 1790, {delete when Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, rented buildings for his mistress}. When choosing a cultural style, these venues can be the perfect fit for your important day. Historical venues can be used for bigger guest lists (up to 250) or for small, intimate weddings.

The Barn

Barn venues can be just as special as ?historical venues. Using a barn can add a rustic theme to your wedding and will make you and your guests feel miles away from modern city life. By using a barn, you create that intimate wedding you have always dreamt of.

Outside weddings

Outside venues are great for summer weddings. The local wedding venues in Kent that are located outside, create that fresh and natural theme for your ceremony. Couples can use the well-groomed gardens and the beautiful summer sunset to create that picture-perfect celebration. These venues can be used for intimate weddings or bigger guest lists.

All of the above come with decorations and dining material, which means that all food and drinks, as well as decorations, are arranged by the venue staff. This reduces some of the stress and arrangements on the bridal party. Dry hire is available if couples want to organise a specific menu for the food or decorations.

Summer Loving or Winter Wonderland

The weather in England can play a big role in deciding when and where to celebrate your big wedding day. From winter days with low temperatures of 4 degrees to high summers of ?21 degrees, you can set your celebration for the exact theme and feel you want.

Local wedding venues in Kent can add some much-needed heat to your winter weddings. With state-of-the-art insulation and burners, all of your guests will stay warm, whilst enjoying the beautiful wedding you have dreamt of. When planning for the winter, couples can expect snow to create the beautiful white wedding that they have always dreamt of.

Summer weddings can be hosted outside. Kent offers beautiful views across the countryside or out to sea. Each option provides couples with a specific theme. The ocean waves slamming in the background or mother nature’s slight breeze and birds, can create that calmness.

Deciding on a theme and a wedding venue can take a lot of stress off the couple. Wedding venues in Kent can provide couples with a fantastic service and can create that special themed wedding that every couple wants.

The Blazing Donkey is an amazing wedding venue in Kent, that has multiple venues to choose from. With a rustic barn option or a modern inside hall, your choices are unlimited. They also offer outside weddings, where couples can enjoy the green countryside with some fresh air.