The Blazing Donkey- A Bespoke Outdoor Wedding Venue Kent

The Blazing Donkey- A Bespoke Outdoor Wedding Venue Kent

The Blazing Donkey- A Bespoke Outdoor Wedding Venue Kent

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding but aren’t certain of which venue to go for, this blog will discuss the best outdoor wedding venue kent.

Finding a potential wedding venue is often the most taxing part of the wedding planning process, as there are numerous options and factors to consider. Although finding a venue can be tiring, having a bespoke outdoor venue can make your decision easier.

The Blazing Donkey is a Kent countryside hotel and wedding venue. With both indoor and outdoor wedding venues, you have a range of options. Not only is The Blazing Donkey a bespoke wedding venue, but there’s also accommodation available after your celebration.

If you were struggling to find an outdoor wedding venue that fits your needs and wants, look no further than The Blazing Donkey. With everything you need for a wedding you’ll cherish forever, The Blazing Donkey is the perfect venue. Keep reading to learn more about this outdoor wedding venue kent!

The Blazing Donkey Offers Exclusive Wedding Venue Hire

Nestled in the countryside and manicured gardens, The Blazing Donkey boasts an idyllic and fresh setting for you to have your wedding. The outdoor wedding venue is sophisticated, classy, andincredibly vibrant.

Perfect for weddings during the summertime, The Blazing Donkey’s outdoor wedding venue is licensed for civil ceremonies, and the venue will be for your exclusive use. Many wedding venues may allow more than one wedding to take place on the same day. However, if you don’t want that to happen, you can use The Blazing Donkey’s outdoor wedding venue exclusively.

This Countryside Hotel Has a Grand Pavillion Marquee

The Blazing Donkey’s Grand Pavillion Marquee is ready to use from the go, being readily furnished with a bar and dancefloor. If you’re looking to host a medium to a grand-scale wedding, the Grand Pavillion Marquee can seat 30 to 240 guests for the reception and stand 80 to 300 guests for the nighttime celebration after the reception.

If you check out the venue and think you could tailor it more to your liking, The Blazing Donkey’s wedding and events-planning team will be happy to hear your suggestions and make changes as needed!

The Blazing Donkey Offers Overnight Accommodation

More often than not, you likely may not want to have to drive to a different venue after your wedding for accommodation. Having an overnight stay at your wedding venue is convenient and saves you the trouble and time of having to relocate on your special day unless you have a driver assisting you!

The Blazing Donkey has a variety of room types you can take advantage of that are perfect for newlyweds and also your guests. Some of the accommodations at The Blazing Donkey are as follows:

The accommodation at The Blazing Donkey is separated into The Main House and The Stable Rooms, both offering you and your guests comfort and convenience after the wedding festivities!

Final Thoughts

Outdoor weddings are a beautiful way to celebrate your partnership, and The Blazing Donkey is committed to ensuring your outdoor wedding exceeds your expectations!