Essex Wedding Venue Guide: How Should You Choose for the ‘Big Day’

Before signing on the dotted line, you need to select a perfect venue to turn the event into a dream wedding day. Figuring out how to choose the right Essex wedding venue is the key step in embarking on a beautiful journey called ‘marriage’. Learn the best, hassle-free ways to find a venue that meets the location of your dreams.

If you are on a mission to find a wedding venue in Essex, it gives an inkling that you’re heading down that path soon. Well, congratulations! You are seriously going to have the best day of your life. It’s an honour that you’ve partnered with the most amazing person of your life.

Weddings are amazing. You grab all the attention. You’ve your family and friends around you, celebrating the new chapter of your life. It must be an exciting time for you. However, we need to mention a ‘but’ here.

Before the Big Day, there are plenty of things to be taken care of. From finalising the date to writing a guest list and getting a dress, many things are decided several days prior to the wedding day. A big decision is to select the perfect Essex wedding venue to set the tone for the event.

Whether you want a simple or a fancy wedding, you need a place where your guests will gather. When it comes to picking one venue, the process seems complex, daunting, and time-consuming. What should be the venue size? Should it be indoors or outdoors? Do you want to go glam or rustic? What kinds of amenities must be there? There are plenty of similar questions that need to be answered.

Here are some tips to help you out.


The location of your wedding venue is entirely up to you and your partner. You two need to find out whether you want a beach wedding, destination wedding, or a simple one.

However, while picking a location for the event, ensure that it is a place that your guests can easily reach. For example, if most of your guests are from Kent or nearby areas, booking your Kent favourite wedding venue can be an ideal choice.


Identify your style and find a venue that suits your personality. The day belongs to you, and it must match how you envisage it. If you’ve envisioned having a fairytale, you probably should go for a venue that gives the feeling of a castle. On the other hand, a countryside venue is an ideal Essex wedding venue when you want to get married in a beautiful, peaceful way.

Consider your style to find a venue that perfectly suits you.


Prepare your guest list before starting to shortlist all your venue options. To know the right venue size and amenities, it is necessary to figure out how many people will be there at the event.

Look for a venue that can house all your guests comfortably, while providing you with plenty of space to plan other things for the day.


Just because the Big Day is several weeks away, it doesn’t mean you should keep your Kent favourite wedding venue mission for the last minute. Many people may have choices similar to you, and some of them may be having the same wedding date as yours.

It is essential to secure a venue many weeks or months prior to the wedding day. Once you’ve figured out the date, one of the initial tasks should be to look for a perfect venue.

What’s More

Get stalker-ish. Try to learn everything about multiple wedding venues to figure out their capacity, services, amenities, and charges. Remember, it is the best Essex wedding venue only when it suits your personality. Before making the final call, make sure the venue is a certified place to get married, has accommodation facilities, and guest-friendly services. This is how you can book the best venue to get married. Cheers!