Here’s How to Choose a Wedding Venue in Kent That You’ll Absolutely Love

Here’s How to Choose a Wedding Venue in Kent That You’ll Absolutely Love

Here’s How to Choose a Wedding Venue in Kent That You’ll Absolutely Love

From your style to guest numbers and features, there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to selecting the right Kent wedding venue. Here’s a guide to help you find ‘the one”.

Everything starts with a venue!

Assume this; You spend more than 50% of your total wedding budget to book a luxurious venue only to find that it’s too small to accommodate all of your guests. Scary! Isn’t it?

According to experts, the best venue isn’t the most expensive one. On the contrary, it is a venue that meets your requirements and helps you host a memorable event. It fits your budget, offers you all the necessary services, accommodates your guests, and gives you a lot of space to enjoy the day.

Now, the question is: How do you find and book a wedding venue in Kent that checks all the boxes of your requirement list? Here are some tips to help you out:

Understand Your Vibe

Remember, no matter how luxurious a venue is, it isn’t the best one for you if it fails to match your vision. Everyone dreams of their wedding day. What will the wedding venue look like? What types of activities and events will be there? Who will do what? There’s a dream around all of these questions.

Before you embark on the process of finding a wedding venue, consider your vibe to understand what you should look for in a venue.

Finalise the Budget and Location

You want to get married in Kent. But, what’s the idea behind that? Do you want a wedding venue in Kent with an outdoor space to get a view of the county’s beautiful location? Or, should it be a luxurious indoor venue? Before you finalise a venue, take its location into account.

Also, fix your budget to make sure that you have money for other wedding planning things.

Make a List of Guests

The list is incredibly important to know the size of a venue you require for the wedding day. For example, if there are many guests, you require a big wedding venue. On the other hand, in case it’s a close-family event, you require a small but luxurious venue.

In addition, as you are getting married in Kent, you may have guests from different places outside the country. You may be requiring a wedding venue with accommodation services as well.

To make sure that you book a venue that accommodates all your guests effectively, create a list of all of your potential guests.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve created a list of your requirements and potential guests, the next step is to do your research. Before you visit a venue, you can research about it online.

Visit a venue’s official website to understand all about it. Look at its pictures to know its size, location, and services. For example, if you want a wedding venue in Kent that has multiple party options, accommodation services, and more, then check the venue’s website to find whether or not its services are suitable for your requirements.

While doing your research, collect information like:

Size of a venue



Additional services like food & drink

Contact and Book

Once you’re 100% sure that the Kent wedding venue is perfect for your needs, it’s time to contact the venue and book it for your wedding. Here, it is necessary to ensure that you book a venue several weeks or months before the wedding date.

If you’re looking for a luxury, affordable wedding venue in Kent that offers a range of services with flexible options, then contact Blazing Donkey.