Golf Stays in Kent: Useful Tips to Make Your Golf Holiday more Affordable

Golf Stays in Kent: Useful Tips to Make Your Golf Holiday more Affordable

Golf Stays in Kent: Useful Tips to Make Your Golf Holiday more Affordable

Golf season is on! 

To be honest, there isn’t one season to play golf. Whether the weather is warming up or the mercury is dropping, you can have a fantastic golf break anytime.  Now, you don’t need to travel the world to enjoy golf as Kent has everything you need. However, similar to any golf holidays, golf stays in Kent can disrupt your budget. From getting the best tee times to choosing a golf course and travel booking, plenty of things need to be taken care of when planning a golf break’s budget. Sadly, you cannot control the cost of many of these arrangements, but there’s one department that can help you save money: Stay or accommodation or hotel booking. 

How to Cut the Cost of Your Golf Stays in Kent 

Many people will suggest you to share rooms or go for low-quality hotels. Remember, golf is associated with luxury, so you definitely should not compromise with your accommodation. There are several other ways to cut the cost and make your golf holidays in Kent affordable and memorable. 

One Place for Golf and Accommodation 

When you are planning a golf trip to Kent, you don’t just need to make arrangements for your and others’ stay. From booking a golf course to making arrangements for a smooth game, you have to take care of multiple things related to the trip.

Rather than looking for separate places for a game of golf and accommodation, choose a service provider who offers you the services of a golf course and a hotel. 

Wondering if there’s really a place like that? Yes, there is. Although you don’t find many options, you also don’t require many. 

Reach a place like the Blazing Donkey that provides you with bespoke golf breaks. Since 1995, it has been offering the services of golf stays in Kent. The club has hosted golf leagues like the Jacques Leglise Trophy and St Andrews Trophy.

Apart from golf club services, you can book accommodation at the Blazing Donkey. 

Avoid Peak Times

It is true that there isn’t one month when people play golf. However, it has been found that the spring and summer months are usually chosen by golfers in the UK. It is the time when there’s sunshine and milder weather. Many golfers prefer such conditions to have a game. 

However, there is no time to enjoy golf, so avoid peak times. When you choose the off season, you get timing options and low booking prices. 

Before booking a golf club, ask for dates. Also, trying to find out when there are fewer bookings. 

Book in Advance

The thumb rule in the hospitality industry to get the best booking deals: Book in advance. Whether you want to book a golf course or rooms for golf stays in Kent, following the thumb can help you save a lot of money during your next golf trip. 

When you book in advance, hotels and golf courses don’t have lots of guests. This gives you a dance to ask for special deals and offers.

Get Multiple Services from One Service Provider

Apart from a golf course and accommodation, some resorts offer several services to make your stay comfortable. From a golf course to rooms and foods, there are plenty of things that you can avail at the best resort. 

For example, if you are planning an event during your golf trip, the Blazing Donkey can help you host one. From weddings to birthdays and official parties, you can plan all kinds of events there.

Also, you can enjoy several other services at the resort – ranging from foods and drinks to specialised menus.

Avail Gift Vouchers and Offers

The best golf resort understands the importance of budget in a golf trip, so it offers specialised gift vouchers and offers to make the tour cost-effective for you. 

In addition, you can check the resort’s official website to know more about its gift offers and vouchers.

Be Flexible with Travel Dates  

Although we don’t recommend you change your plan to save money, you can do that in case you do not find the above mentioned services in one resort. 

Apart from that, if you can be flexible with your golf plans or extend them to get more cost-effective deals, then you have the option to go for flexible travel dates. 

Book Your Golf Resort Now

Now that you have found out how to save money during your next golf trip, it’s time to book one of the best golf stays in Kent. Look no further than the Blazing Donkey. From a highly-reputed golf course to luxurious yet cost-effective accommodation and food & drinks, you can get everything at the Blazing Donkey. Book now!