Sunday Roast in Sandwich! Enjoy Your Weekend in Kent

The traditional Sunday roast is arguably the most beloved meal of the Brits. It becomes more luscious in the achingly pretty town of Sandwich. The medieval English town is known for its ancient history, waterside wildlife, and sumptuous foods. Imagine Sunday roast in Sandwich while soaking up the majestic views. Find how to make the most of your weekend while munching on the classic meal.

Home to half a dozen holiday parks, Kent is a fascinating place to live and love. From rich ancient history to beautiful modern-day marvels and unspoiled forms of nature, the non-metropolitan county has plenty of things to rock your weekend. To add a cherry to the cake, a great Sandwich restaurant can serve the most delicious Sunday roast.

What’s So Special About Sunday Roast

Also called the Great British Sunday roast, it’s a classic English meal that has been enjoyed since 15th century Britain. It was originally made for Sunday lunch. Quickly, the dish became the national identity.

In the 18th century, the Sunday roast crossed its boundaries to gain international recognition. French named it Englishmen ‘rosbifs’.

Several food experts have mentioned the dish in their books. In 1871, author William Kitchiner’s healthy diet plan included six pounds of meat per week. He also asked people to have around four pounds of bread and beer daily. The author also told how to roast the meat.

Today, when not everyone has the luxury and time to roast meat in a large fireplace, Sunday roast becomes an ideal, quick way to stick to William Kitchiner’s recommendation.

Sunday Roast in Sandwich

Although you can enjoy the classic British meal anywhere throughout the country, a Sandwich hotel can be an ideal place to munch on the dish while enjoying the region’s amazing weather.

The town in Kent is home to nature reserves, green gardens, golf courses, and plenty of tourist attractions. Surrounded by many small villages, Sandwich is a popular tourist attraction for several reasons, including the famous Battle of Sandwich.

In addition, there are plenty of ancient buildings, peaceful beaches, beautiful gardens, and glorious golf courses. Apart from that, there are a wide number of tourist attractions in and around the town to gratify the traveller in you.

Although there are various British dishes to relish during your trip to the town, you cannot afford to miss Sunday roast in Sandwich. Some great hotels and restaurants serve the authentic meal in its classic form.

Where to Go for Sunday Roast in Sandwich

Although plenty of eateries’ menus will have the traditional English meal, not all of them are capable of tantalising the sweet tooth of a foodie. When you are in Sandwich, look for a hotel where you can have a pleasant time while munching on the classic meal. Also, make sure the hotel is close to all major attractions in and around the city.

The Blazing Donkey is an ideal Sandwich hotel that provides you with the perfect atmosphere, classical taste of the Sunday roast, and the best hospitality services to make your trip memorable.

The hotel’s menu is full of sumptuous dishes, which means you have plenty of food options, including the famous Sunday roast. A big reason to choose The Blazing Donkey as your Sandwich restaurant is the range of amenities. From accommodation to events and foods, there are plenty of things to relish at the hotel.

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