The Best Broadstairs, Margate Hotel: What Should You Expect During the Stay

There is arguably no other place with more seaside charms than Broadstairs and Margate. From sandy beaches to photogenic sites, there are plenty of things to enjoy in these coastal towns. Apart from that, when you are at the best Broadstairs or Margate hotel, you experience lots of luxury services to make your stay memorable. What exactly can you expect from your Margate, Broadstairs hotel?

Broadstairs’ beautiful coastline provides you with seven gorgeous sandy beaches. There are plenty of seaside charms to have fun with the family or friends. Apart from that, the town has a huge number of attractions to gratify the tourist in you.

On the other hand, Margate, which is just a few miles away from Broadstairs, is also a great place for beach holidays and seaside kitsch. Apart from that, these towns in Kent have some gorgeous hotels where you can enjoy your stay or host a wide range of events.

Things to Expect from Your Hotel

In addition to cost-effective accommodation, there are many other services and amenities the best Margate or Broadstairs hotel will offer you. What are they?

Personalised Services

Do you want a standard room or a suite? Are you in search of a home-like stay in Kent? What kinds of amenities would you love to have in your room?

The best hotel takes these questions into account and customises its services to meet the needs of its customers. Here, you can also personalise the services to make them suit your requirements. For example, you get plenty of room options. Apart from that, if you are planning an event, your Margate hotel will have suitable event planning services to help you out.

High-quality Amenities

Accommodation is an integral part of a hotel’s services. In addition, there are plenty of other amenities to make your stay memorable at the hotel. They include spacious storage, comfortable bedding, clean toilets, high-quality bathing amenities and more.

When choosing a hotel for your stay, look at its services and amenities. Make sure that there are plenty of them to help you unwind and add fun to your trip.

Services – Accommodation, Events, Sports

There are many hotels in and around Kent. What separates the best one and sets it apart from the crowd is its services. It will have more to offer than just luxury accommodation. For example, at the best Broadstairs or Margate hotel, you can hire services related to events or sports. Here, you can get married, throw a party, or host a business event far from the city’s noise. Apart from that, the hotel will offer you a huge area to enjoy a game of golf.

In the End

From accommodation to food & drinks and event planning, several things are handled by the hotel. To make the stay or services cost-effective, the best hotel will also provide you with many attractive offers and deals. So, pack your bags and explore these majestic towns in Kent. All the best!

Staycation in Kent: Nature, History, Private Hire in Kent, and More

Tired of not going out but also afraid to go out? A holiday far from the city crowd can be the safest way to unwind yourself. Today, when travelling to fascinating international destinations still isn’t an option, a staycation in Kent can be an ideal way to spend some time outside the comfort zone.

Holidays several miles away from the home have been on the trend for decades. Yes, it is a great way to explore the world, test your limits, and spend some quality time with loved ones. However, many times, you miss the opportunity to discover uniqueness near you.

Now, when it’s not safe to travel to another country, spend some time locally. Maybe you find some hidden gems that weren’t visible to you earlier because of the ever-growing trends of international holidays.

Why Staycation in Kent

The county in southeastern England is a fantastic destination when you wish to experience a blend of unspoiled nature, ancient history, and plenty of breathtaking tourist destinations to gratify the traveller in you. What’s more amazing is that you don’t have to spend hours on your flight.

If you live in or around Kent, a staycation can be an ideal option to make the most of your time. For those who don’t know what staycation is, it is a form of vacation that doesn’t take more than three or four hours to reach the destination. Staycation makes an incredible option for people living in cities like London.

Now the question is: Why choose Kent for a staycation? One, it is close to big cities in the UK. Two, it is an amazing tourist destination that entertains all kinds of tourists. Apart from that, one has the option of private hire in Kent to explore the regions nearby.

How to Staycation

One of the best ways to make the most out of your trip is to take it as a vacation. Just because you’re travelling to a place close to your town, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get into the holiday spirit. Here are some more tips when you plan a staycation in Kent:

Even if you choose staycation, you need to do some research. Research accommodation options, activities you can take part in, and things to enjoy.

Find a beautiful place for accommodation.

Ensure the place has the options of food and drinks.

If you are visiting Kent and looking for a way to make the most of your trip, book your services at Blazing Donkey. Whether it’s about comfortable and luxury accommodation or private hire in Kent, we have the best services to suit your needs. Located gorgeously in the Kent Countryside, Blazing Donkey offers a wide range of services, ranging from spacious rooms, foods & drinks, and more. Also, if you are planning a wedding or an event, we have services to offer you.

In the case of staycation, explore your options at Blazing Donkey and enjoy your trip to Kent.

Kent Wedding Venue With Golf Stays: Experience Above Par Wedding

Finding the perfect life partner is similar to a game of golf; you hit a small ball into a smaller hole. You know it takes time, dedication, and love to find someone who understands you and is committed to supporting you throughout the rest of your life.

When you’ve found the right one and decided to tie the knot, it’s time to celebrate the Big Day in a memorable way. If you are a golf lover, nothing can be compared to a countryside Kent wedding venue with beautiful golf courses and luxury accommodation.

Why Wedding Venue with Golf Stays

Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming. From shopping to creating a guest list and finding a venue, there are loads of tasks that add a multitude of pressure and stress. Apart from that, some individuals also experience the nervousness of entering into the new phase of life.

However, a wedding day is about celebrating the new beginning. Instead of stress, you must be enjoying the special day with your partner, family members, and friends. A golf break in Kent while getting married can be an amazing way to unwind yourself and take the pressure off your shoulders.

There are plenty of benefits of choosing a Kent wedding venue with golf courses, and here are some of them:

Beautiful Landscape

Yes, you’ve the option to go to a church and say your wedding vows. But this mustn’t be a way to celebrate the Big Day, especially when you want to make it memorable for you, your partner, and your guests.

Imagine a beautiful Kent side where you can unveil your love for golf while getting ready for the special day. Isn’t it better than going to a church and keeping it simple (No offence)? A gorgeous, picturesque setting, coupled with beautiful golf courses, adds fun and excitement to the Big Day.

Quiet and Serene

Which is a better wedding venue: a clumsy place in a crowded city or a quiet place far from the hustle and bustle of a town where you can enjoy time with your loved ones. Of course, the latter is the right one.

As golf clubs are wide open areas, they help you stay away from the city’s noise pollution. You get a beautiful place to get married and collect some memories with your loved ones.

Bespoke Services

A wedding venue with golf stays is similar to a blank canvas; you can create whatever you want. A great venue comes with lots of amenities and services, which can be personalised to meet your requirements. From catering services to accommodation, there are plenty of things that you can personalise to have an exceptional experience.

In addition, if there are some special arrangements to be made, you can ask the owner of a Kent wedding venue to help you in the process.

A Golf Break

One of the foremost reasons to go for a wedding venue with golf stays is the availability of golf courses. In the fast-paced world, the venue provides you with gorgeous golf courses to enjoy the game with your loved ones. When you are nervous about the new chapter of your life, the venue provides you with services to unwind and enter the new phase with confidence.

Where to Find a Wedding Venue in Kent with Golf Courses

If you are looking to get married in the historic countryside, Kent is the perfect place to plan a dream wedding. When you want to add the fun of golf to it, The Blazing Donkey is a venue where you should go. From stunning wedding venues to bespoke golf services and luxury accommodation, here you find a perfect combination of services and amenities to make your wedding day memorable for you.

Sunday Roast in Sandwich! Enjoy Your Weekend in Kent

The traditional Sunday roast is arguably the most beloved meal of the Brits. It becomes more luscious in the achingly pretty town of Sandwich. The medieval English town is known for its ancient history, waterside wildlife, and sumptuous foods. Imagine Sunday roast in Sandwich while soaking up the majestic views. Find how to make the most of your weekend while munching on the classic meal.

Home to half a dozen holiday parks, Kent is a fascinating place to live and love. From rich ancient history to beautiful modern-day marvels and unspoiled forms of nature, the non-metropolitan county has plenty of things to rock your weekend. To add a cherry to the cake, a great Sandwich restaurant can serve the most delicious Sunday roast.

What’s So Special About Sunday Roast

Also called the Great British Sunday roast, it’s a classic English meal that has been enjoyed since 15th century Britain. It was originally made for Sunday lunch. Quickly, the dish became the national identity.

In the 18th century, the Sunday roast crossed its boundaries to gain international recognition. French named it Englishmen ‘rosbifs’.

Several food experts have mentioned the dish in their books. In 1871, author William Kitchiner’s healthy diet plan included six pounds of meat per week. He also asked people to have around four pounds of bread and beer daily. The author also told how to roast the meat.

Today, when not everyone has the luxury and time to roast meat in a large fireplace, Sunday roast becomes an ideal, quick way to stick to William Kitchiner’s recommendation.

Sunday Roast in Sandwich

Although you can enjoy the classic British meal anywhere throughout the country, a Sandwich hotel can be an ideal place to munch on the dish while enjoying the region’s amazing weather.

The town in Kent is home to nature reserves, green gardens, golf courses, and plenty of tourist attractions. Surrounded by many small villages, Sandwich is a popular tourist attraction for several reasons, including the famous Battle of Sandwich.

In addition, there are plenty of ancient buildings, peaceful beaches, beautiful gardens, and glorious golf courses. Apart from that, there are a wide number of tourist attractions in and around the town to gratify the traveller in you.

Although there are various British dishes to relish during your trip to the town, you cannot afford to miss Sunday roast in Sandwich. Some great hotels and restaurants serve the authentic meal in its classic form.

Where to Go for Sunday Roast in Sandwich

Although plenty of eateries’ menus will have the traditional English meal, not all of them are capable of tantalising the sweet tooth of a foodie. When you are in Sandwich, look for a hotel where you can have a pleasant time while munching on the classic meal. Also, make sure the hotel is close to all major attractions in and around the city.

The Blazing Donkey is an ideal Sandwich hotel that provides you with the perfect atmosphere, classical taste of the Sunday roast, and the best hospitality services to make your trip memorable.

The hotel’s menu is full of sumptuous dishes, which means you have plenty of food options, including the famous Sunday roast. A big reason to choose The Blazing Donkey as your Sandwich restaurant is the range of amenities. From accommodation to events and foods, there are plenty of things to relish at the hotel.

If you are a golf lover, the hotel has services for that too. Here, you can have your bespoke golf break. Visit the official web page to explore more and book your services!

Essex Wedding Venue Guide: How Should You Choose for the ‘Big Day’

Before signing on the dotted line, you need to select a perfect venue to turn the event into a dream wedding day. Figuring out how to choose the right Essex wedding venue is the key step in embarking on a beautiful journey called ‘marriage’. Learn the best, hassle-free ways to find a venue that meets the location of your dreams.

If you are on a mission to find a wedding venue in Essex, it gives an inkling that you’re heading down that path soon. Well, congratulations! You are seriously going to have the best day of your life. It’s an honour that you’ve partnered with the most amazing person of your life.

Weddings are amazing. You grab all the attention. You’ve your family and friends around you, celebrating the new chapter of your life. It must be an exciting time for you. However, we need to mention a ‘but’ here.

Before the Big Day, there are plenty of things to be taken care of. From finalising the date to writing a guest list and getting a dress, many things are decided several days prior to the wedding day. A big decision is to select the perfect Essex wedding venue to set the tone for the event.

Whether you want a simple or a fancy wedding, you need a place where your guests will gather. When it comes to picking one venue, the process seems complex, daunting, and time-consuming. What should be the venue size? Should it be indoors or outdoors? Do you want to go glam or rustic? What kinds of amenities must be there? There are plenty of similar questions that need to be answered.

Here are some tips to help you out.


The location of your wedding venue is entirely up to you and your partner. You two need to find out whether you want a beach wedding, destination wedding, or a simple one.

However, while picking a location for the event, ensure that it is a place that your guests can easily reach. For example, if most of your guests are from Kent or nearby areas, booking your Kent favourite wedding venue can be an ideal choice.


Identify your style and find a venue that suits your personality. The day belongs to you, and it must match how you envisage it. If you’ve envisioned having a fairytale, you probably should go for a venue that gives the feeling of a castle. On the other hand, a countryside venue is an ideal Essex wedding venue when you want to get married in a beautiful, peaceful way.

Consider your style to find a venue that perfectly suits you.


Prepare your guest list before starting to shortlist all your venue options. To know the right venue size and amenities, it is necessary to figure out how many people will be there at the event.

Look for a venue that can house all your guests comfortably, while providing you with plenty of space to plan other things for the day.


Just because the Big Day is several weeks away, it doesn’t mean you should keep your Kent favourite wedding venue mission for the last minute. Many people may have choices similar to you, and some of them may be having the same wedding date as yours.

It is essential to secure a venue many weeks or months prior to the wedding day. Once you’ve figured out the date, one of the initial tasks should be to look for a perfect venue.

What’s More

Get stalker-ish. Try to learn everything about multiple wedding venues to figure out their capacity, services, amenities, and charges. Remember, it is the best Essex wedding venue only when it suits your personality. Before making the final call, make sure the venue is a certified place to get married, has accommodation facilities, and guest-friendly services. This is how you can book the best venue to get married. Cheers!

Introducing 2020 Open Venue Royal St. Georges & 2017

The Blazing Donkey is excited and delighted to introduce our amazing golf desk for your next golf break. Over a dozen fantastic nearby golf courses combine with our unbeatable hospitality to make a truly memorable golf break on Kent’s coast. Our golf desk works closely with the local clubs to offers a complete bespoke golf breaks service. Call today to discuss your requirements

*Packages are all subject to availability

Blazing Donkey team recognised as the hotel receives its third consecutive award from travel website

Blazing Donkey General Manager John Constantin recently announced that his team had been recognised with another award from Tripadvisor. “This is the hotel’s third year of consecutive recognition from travel website Tripadvisor and we are delighted with the award”. He added “Tripadvisor does indeed divide opinion. While its not the be all and end all, it does provide us with a valuable barometer when reviewing our own performance- we look forward to continuing our hard work and serving our clients throughout what is set to be a very busy Summer season!”

Private Banqueting in Kent at The Blazing Donkey

The Blazing Donkey is the perfect destination for a private lunch or dinner party-including intimate wedding reception banquets. Bespoke menu’s including our taste of Kent 7 course, matching wines & entertainment is all provided in our stunning barn restaurant. What’s more, after an enjoyable evening of food and wine guests can easily fall out of the bar and into bed in one of our beautifully appointed converted stable guest rooms. We can proudly offer it all. To discuss your requirements and/or to arrange an informal visit please call our special event planner Sian on 01304 617362.