9 Important Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Venue in Kent

Booking a venue is one of the most crucial parts of the wedding planning process. Do you know what questions you should ask your wedding venue in Kent to ensure that it covers all your requirements? Experts from Blazing Donkey are here with a handy checklist of some important questions to ask your venue.  

So, you’ve decided to begin a new and exciting chapter of life with your loved one? Congratulations! 

And, you’ve chosen Kent to celebrate the special day? Awesome!

The English county, popularly called the Garden of England, is home to some of the most amazing wedding venues in the country. From rustic to pop and everything in between, Kent has a dream venue for everyone. 

Before choosing one of them for your wedding, you probably will go through multiple venues. There’ll be an enormous amount of information to consider and process. For example, some venues will be luxurious yet expensive, while others too dull to match your vibes.

Rather than selecting the first Sandwich hotel you come across, do your research and ask the right question to a venue to ensure that it ticks all the boxes of your requirement sheet.

If you don’t know what you should ask at a wedding venue in Kent, then we’ve shortlisted some important questions to help you in the process. Let’s delve deeper into them:

Which dates are available in my chosen month?   

Many couples start looking for a venue when only a few weeks are left for the wedding. According to experts, the best time to start searching for a venue is right after deciding on the wedding day or many months before the special day. It will enable you to look for a place that looks exactly like your dream venue. 

Tell a venue about the wedding date, and ask whether or not it is available on that day. If it’s not vacant on that day, move to the next venue. 

Remember, exploring multiple venues is possible only when you begin your search early.

Do you have multiple venues?

Kent is a popular wedding destination, and couples from all over the nation come to the county to celebrate their special day. At the best wedding place, you get multiple venues to choose one as per your needs. For example,  there could be multiple small and big venues. Apart from that, there could be indoor and outdoor venues.

How many guests can the venue accommodate?

Honestly, there’s no point of booking an expensive wedding venue in Kent if it’s not capable of housing all your guests. Similarly, a large venue for only a handful of guests will make it difficult for you to collaborate with your guests.

Discuss the guest number with your venue to find out whether or not it is suitable for your event.

What services do you offer – other than a wedding venue?

Whether it’s your wedding, there are many things to take care of – ranging from catering and the dance party. And, if you and your guests are coming to Kent from other parts of the country, you require accommodation. 

Talk to your venue to find out how it can help you with its other services.

What are your guidelines for decorations?

If you’re only hiring a venue for the party, you need to handle everything related to the decoration part. Some venues aren’t very flexible with their decorations, and it may limit your creativity. 

Ask your wedding venue about its guidelines around decorations.

Is there outdoor space available for the event?

One of the most amazing things about wedding venues in Kent is that many of them come with outdoor space for wedding ceremonies. It enables you to host your event while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the region.

In case you aim to throw your wedding party in the open, check whether or not your wedding venue has an outdoor space.

Is the venue licensed for outdoor ceremonies?

Here, you need to note that some wedding venues have huge outdoor spaces but they aren’t available for party purposes. So, instead of getting fascinated by a venue’s beautiful lawn, ask whether or not the outdoor space is available for ceremonies. 

Is the venue child-friendly?

When it’s an event like a wedding, there’ll be people of all ages – from old guests to kids. To ensure that everyone enjoys the ceremony, ensure that the venue is child-friendly. 

Talk to your wedding venue in Kent to know whether or not it’s safe and comfortable for your child guests.

Is there a dedicated place for a dance party?

Even if you wish to throw a low-key party, there’ll be dance. Rather than spending time to figure out a space for dance when it’s your wedding day, ask your venue if there’s a dedicated place for a dance party.

Now that you’re ready to book a wedding venue, choose one for your special day. If you’re in search of a venue and the best Sandwich hotel, come to Blazing Donkey. Talk to us for more information!

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